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Hampshire Day

Today is Hampshire Day. We have raised the Hampshire Flag on our flagpole in recognition. It will be flying for the weekend.
Nigel Atkinson, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Hampshire explains “Hampshire Day, aims to provide an annual opportunity to remember Hampshire’s rich history and how county life has evolved over time; as well as looking forward to the future. It is a day for local people to celebrate their own diverse communities as well as sharing pride in Hampshire’s heritage, culture, natural environment and people.
The country faces many challenges both economically and socially at this moment in time and as I travel the county visiting charities I am constantly surprised at the time, energy and sheer hard work
volunteers give in order to help their communities.
The war in Ukraine has also shown the generosity of spirit in this country as the Ukrainians fight for their freedom.
In the midst of these most challenging times, people have found new ways, new spaces and new ideas to come together as a community.
I do hope you will join me in celebrating Hampshire Day and raising the Hampshire Flag. Hampshire Day gives us the opportunity to thank those who have worked tirelessly to help others in their communities over the last twelve months. The nation could not function without them.
Thank you to you all.”
Hampshire Flag flying on our flag pole