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Fairy Trail Bartley Heath

We (Hook Parish Council) have been contacted by the Wildlife Ranger Guy Mason 07546 443485 at Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (HIWWT) who own and manage Bartley Heath.

Sadly he has had to take down some of the fairy trail there with immediate effect as people have added plastic spirals and ribbons. These could be deadly to the deer’s, horses, cows and other animals on the reserve.

They have advised that they didn’t want to be the “Fun Police” and appreciate that it has brought a lot of joy to people.
Initially, they turned a blind eye to it, but it has now got out of hand and is threatening the wildlife and they have asked that it all be removed.

They appreciate that an awful lot of time and care has gone into the fairy doors, houses etc but as Bartley Health is essentially a nature reserve, the safety of the animals that call this area home has to come first.

The ribbons and plastic spirals will be disposed of today but they have asked if we can get the word out and ask if people can come and remove the bits including the things attached to the trees (tied, stapled or nailed) by Friday 26th June.

Anything left after that time will be removed and disposed of.