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Ever thought to try running ?

Hook Runners are running their next ABC (Advanced Beginners Course) starting on 16th of January. You don’t need anything special to start with, just a pair or trainers. Over the course of 9 weeks you will gradually build up your fitness and get your body used to running for longer, so that at the end, you can complete a 5K run. Even if you have never run before or coming back after a break, the course will help you achieve this.
Our Community Engagement Officer recently completed the course in September and said “ I always said I “didn’t do running” and I never thought I could run 5K. After completing the course, I did my graduation 5K run in 32 minutes and am really proud of myself. It was great that I could complete the run and not collapse at the end, exhausted. The coaches and the other Hook Runners really encourage and support you along the way and it is a great way to learn to run. They also provide advice and tips to prevent injury”. For more information go to or email
If you can’t make the times or days of the course, you can always do the FREE NHS Couch to 5K. This is an app you can download and it takes you through a 9 week course. Just go to your phones app store and look for “NHS Couch to 5K”