May 092019

Following the Parish Council Elections the results are as follows:

Name Description Votes received
BHANDERI, Amita 707
BURKE, Jeffrey 1243 Elected
COWELL, Robert John 1218 Elected
DAVIES, Debra Louise 995
KINGE, Paul Desmond 1053 Elected
KIRKHAM, Fergus Alexander 1358 Elected
MILLER, Gillian Ann 1052 Elected
MYALL, Barry Stuart 1096 Elected
NABBS, Beaumont Verdun 1074 Elected
NABBS, Jacqueline 1050 Elected
ORCHARD, John Stuart Chartered Engineer 937
TERREY, Christopher Mark Samuel 1022 Elected
TOMLINSON, Anne Elizabeth 1217 Elected
WARNER, Ian James 1212 Elected
WORLOCK, Jane Ann 1141 Elected

Full details of the ballot

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