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Development Update 26 February 2014

The planning application by Banner Gleeson to build houses at Reading Road was granted by Hart District Council’s Planning Committee, against the objections of Hook Parish Council and many residents. This site requires a SANG but it is large enough to provide one within its own boundaries. Hook Parish Council have agreed that the SANG provision will be at Bassetts Mead instead and the open space land at Reading Road will be laid out as a sports pitch. This will provide an extra much-needed community facility in addition to a sum of money for maintaining Bassetts Mead. This agreement was only reached after the Parish Council had satisfied itself that the development would go ahead regardless of whether these advantages to the community were taken up or not.

The planning application by Taylor Wimpey at Brown Croft has also been granted by Hart District Council’s Planning Committee, similarly against objections from the Parish Council and residents. No agreement regarding SANG has been reached between the developers of this site and Hook Parish Council – the application includes a SANG within the site. In this case there is a strip of land which must be acquired to secure the access to the site – this land is in the ownership of the Parish Council, but that ownership is conditional. The Parish Council can be required by Hart District Council to give up the land, without the option of refusal. All matters other than Access for this application have been reserved until a later date.

Charles Church Developments say they are preparing a planning application for land at Hop Garden Road, but have not yet submitted an application.

No planning application has yet been submitted for the main North East Hook development site either.

Hart District Council Corporate Director Daryl Phillips has agreed to speak at the Hook Annual Village Meeting on April 23rd about the failure of the Local Plan, the current planning situation and the future outlook. All residents are most welcome to attend.