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News Bulletin: December 2012

It will come as no surprise to residents living adjacent to the centre of Hook that there are parking issues in various locations. It is also very apparent that Crossways Car Park is seriously underutilised. The Parish Council has formed a Working Group to look at the current situation and the likely impact of further development in Hook. In considering this, the needs of people wanting to access the businesses (shoppers, employees etc.), healthcare providers, schools, residential properties and commuters will need to be understood. Members of the Working Group are participating in a Hart District Parking Review. To inform this review it is hoped to undertake a survey to establish the current situation in all car parks and residential areas adjacent to central Hook.

A public consultation was held by the proposed developers of NE Hook and Sainsbury on 16th and 17th November. Parish Councillors attended the event to observe and listen to residents views on the proposals. If you attended the consultation and plan to submit a response, please can you copy that response by mail or e-mail to the Parish Council.

Hart District Council has approved and now published the latest version of the Local Plan: Core Strategy for consultation. For full details see

This includes:

The Hart District Local Plan: Core Strategy 2011-2029 A Sustainability Appraisal Responses must be received by 5pm on Monday 7th January 2013 and should be sent to Planning Policy Team:

The play area at Wellworth Park is now the oldest of the Parish Council’s main play facilities in Hook. The Parish Council approved funding for repairs to the safety surfacing, where gaps had been reported. An order has been placed for this work to be carried out as a matter of urgency. It is anticipated that a project to replace this play area will be considered in the next financial year. When an illustrative proposal has been developed, there will be an opportunity for interested parties to comment on the draft schemes. Further information will be published in Focus in due course.

The continual issue of irresponsible dog owners, together with the behaviour of some dogs, has prompted the introduction of additional CCTV to monitor problem areas. Not only are a significant number of owners not picking up after their dog, we have received concerning reports of owners walking multiple dogs over which they appear to have no control. The Hart Dog Warden Service and local police have been advised of a number of specific incidents, which are being investigated. There is a growing dog population and the incidence of antisocial dog fouling is still causing concern.

The Parish Council has provided free biodegradable dog waste bags for some years. There are dog waste bins in all the most popular dog walking locations within Hook and dog waste can be deposited in any bin. We would encourage anyone witnessing antisocial fouling or dog behaviour to report it to the Hart Dog Warden. There really is no excuse for not clearing up – BAG IT AND BIN IT.

Parents or young people leaving education, may be interested to know that Hart District Council is launching an apprenticeship scheme. From January 2013, Hart will offer 12 young people the chance to experience a range of council work for a year at a time. Whilst more than 70 per cent of the district’s young people achieve 5A*-C GCSE’s including English and Maths, there are still a number of 16-19 year olds who do not achieve these grades. They may struggle to find employment, training or to go further in their education. For these young people, Hart Council’s apprenticeships can provide the opportunity to build knowledge and skills, as well as the chance to study for qualifications in subjects such as community safety, business support, environmental health, countryside services, customer services and business administration.

The Parish Council is beginning its annual budget reviews at this time year. There are always a range of competing demands to consider when setting the budget. This year the Council expects to be busier than ever with a number of capital projects (including the Community Centre Refurbishment and Wellworth Park Play Area), in addition to negotiations associated with the proposed major development in NE Hook. Residents are always welcome to attend Council or Committee meetings and may speak during the Ten Minute rule or at the discretion of the Chairman and members. See our noticeboards or website for details of meeting dates

Anne Atkins – Clerk