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News Bulletin: December 2006

The last few weeks have seen an avalanche of complex Planning Applications. A further application has been made for the site of The Bungalow in London Road. The design of the houses is very similar to the previous proposal but access is now planned to be from a realigned A30, not through Birch Grove. Our objections about overdevelopment of the site and the width of the access road remain and we do not feel that the proposed access from the A30 would be practical or safe.

The developer wishing to convert Wellworth’s into a tyre and exhaust centre has returned with a revised proposal which reduces the number of bays and installs noise reduction curtains. Sunday opening is no longer proposed. We remain of the opinion that noise and disturbance to nearby residents, users of Wellworth Park, the Church and the Cemetery would be unacceptable. We have suggested that the applicant consider taking a site on Osborne Way but the company concerned wishes to continue to try and get permission for the Wellworth site.

An application has been made to build 12 industrial units on the site in Osborne Wayformerly occupied by Case’s yellow diggers. We have concerns about the amount of additional traffic which would use the privately owned Osborne Way. We believe that if the site is to be developed access from Griffin Way South would be more appropriate.

As Focus goes to press we have received an application to demolish 8 houses off London Road near the Walls Caravan Park and build40 affordable houses. The proposal is only in outline so there is no design information. Access is proposed to be from the section of Holt Lane near the George Wimpey sales office which is a dead end. The Parish Council Planning Committee will consider the application on Wednesday 6th December at 8pm. The plans can be viewed at the Parish Council Office at the Community Hall between 9 am and 12 noon on weekdays but in view of the likely interest in this application, we are also arranging to open the office on Saturday 2nd December from 10am to 12 noon.

There have been a number of burglaries recently in which thieves have broken into houses where the front door was not properly secured and then taken car keys and stolen a car. Police advice is to make sure your front door is secure and to keep car keys out of sight.

Fortnightly glass collection starts on Monday 4th December and will then be the same as fortnightly Blue Bin day. Black Bin rubbish collection due to take place on Monday 25th December will be on Saturday 23rd December whilst blue bin collection scheduled for Monday 1st January will be on Tuesday 2nd January. Our collection day will then revert to Monday and not move a day as happened under the old system.

In the last few months we have mentioned the cost to our Community of Antisocial Behaviour and Criminal Damage in Hook. Damage by teenagers in Hartletts Park, in particular, has included destruction of a trampoline and a basket swing and steps in the play area. The total cost approaches £3,000. None of this includes the cost to the Community of clearing up the results of underage drinking and associated activities. We ask that parents reading Focus explain to their teenagers that this behaviour is totally unacceptable, in the hope that peer pressure by responsible teenagers on irresponsible teenagers will help stamp out the current problems. Spending your money on vandal repairs and clearing up broken glass reduces the amount that might be spent on new facilities. We are contacting the schools to ask them for similar support.

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor