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News Bulletin: December 2005

Our hope and indeed firm expectation, was that this month’s article would include news that the one hour band was to be reinstated in our Car Park and that the night charge had been removed. Sadly, despite a strong case put forward by our District Councillor with support from Odiham and Hartley Wintney, Hart Cabinet deferred a decision until December, requesting the Officers to provide further information, particularly as to the impact that our desired changes would have on income. The discussion lasted in excess of two hours. It seems to us that there is a view within Hart that all car parks should have the same tariff structure. The current structure appears to meet the needs of people parking in the more urban areas where there are opportunities for longer shopping trips and evening activities. Such opportunities do not exist in Hook, Hartley Wintney and Odiham, which need a different tariff structure to suit the different needs of their Car Park customers. The public are permitted to listen to the debate, which will resume in the Council Chamber at Hart on Thursday 1st December at 7pm.

The road works in Elms Road have inevitably caused some disruption around the junction with the A30 because of the extent of the resurfacing that was needed. When a new estate is built the developer is responsible for constructing the roads to approved standards prior to the Local Authority taking on responsibility for maintenance. Up until the mid 1970s Elms Road, which was not constructed to modern standards, was an unmade road. Over the last thirty years, since it acquired a hard surface, it has suffered wear and tear way beyond that originally intended, particularly on the section between the A30 and Nightingale Gardens. A reminder that Elms Road, and surrounding roads, is access only and that through traffic is prohibited! Kerbing work is now underway in Newnham Road: resurfacing of that road is due to start around Monday 5th December

The developer who applied for permission to build on the site of The Bungalow in London Road has withdrawn his original appeal against Hart’s refusal of Planning Permission. However he has lodged a fresh appeal against Hart’s failure to make a decision by September 2005 on the revised application to build 11 units which he made in April 2005. In the meantime he has given notice that he intends to demolish the existing bungalow that currently occupies the site. Given that the appeal is not likely to be heard for a year and that, whatever the outcome, the site will be empty for up to two years we have asked Hart to stipulate that a 1.8m high close boarded fence is put up between the site and the A30.

Nominations for the vacant seat on the Parish Council close as Focus goes to press and the names of the candidate(s) will be posted on the Parish Council notice board shortly. If the seat is contested, the Election will be held on Thursday 15th December. As usual our Polling Station will be at Elizabeth Hall between 8am and 9pm.

Antony Hunter – Parish Councillor