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County Lines

Hook Parish Council was disappointed to receive a copy of recent publication sent out to parents of Hook Junior School children, stating that County Lines is operating in the Skatepark and are actively recruiting young children into their drug networks. It suggested we have huge issues at the park and children are being offered money, phones and other items such as scooters in order to do jobs for them in the drugs world. This report unsurprisingly caused a large reaction in the public domain, with many parents and members of the public contacting the Parish Council and local Police (Hart North Police) regarding this.
After further consultation with the local Police Sergeant, Hook Parish Council would like to clarify that the information shared on social media and in the School Newsletter is not correct or supported by the Police.
The Police have placed on record that there is no such issue at the skate park and that the Newsletter was sent out without any prior consultation with them to clarify the issues raised. The Police have interrogated all the data they hold about the park and in the last 6 months they confirm there is 1 intelligence log and no criminal offences at all have taken place. The Police have also confirmed that they plan to increase presence in the area in the next 2-3 weeks with foot patrols and will answer any queries that the public may have.
Hook Parish Council also wishes to clarify that the matter of CCTV installation has always been designated for discussion by the Council. Council Officers have investigated not only the equipment needed and associated costs but also the substantial legal framework that must be adhered to when operating CCTV and it is clearly apparent that there must be a pressing and immediate need for CCTV. In light of the information provided by the Police, it is not currently appropriate to discuss CCTV installation, but it will of course be discussed at any point in the future where circumstances dictate that it may be of significant use.