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Council Tax

Over the course of this month, residents will be receiving Council Tax bills through their doors.
In January, we submitted our precept request to Hart District Council for 2023-24. Precept is the proportion of your Council Tax that we receive from Hart each year to pay towards all the services we provide. If you are not sure what services we provide, you can check out our infographic on our website This contains financial data from the current year (2022-23) but the services we provide remain unchanged.
We are very aware that household budgets and bills are increasing, so we are pleased to announce that this year, residents will see a 2.6% DECREASE in our precept charge. Despite our costs increasing, due to prudent budgeting and negotiation with contractors, we have managed to absorb these increases and will maintain the same level of service to residents, without the need to increase precept. A copy of our budget for the next financial year can be found on our website