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North East Hook Pavilion

As part of the North-East Hook Development (Opposite the Shack Café on the A30) the Parish Council will receive land that has been designated for use as sports pitches and associated ancillary facilities. The Council has agreed, via a Section 106 agreement, to provide a sports pavilion on the site and additionally have made allowance to provide space for “Hook Shed” to be constructed on the same site.

A Project Committee – the NE Hook Community Project Committee (NEHCPC) – has been set up to progress this project and it meets every two weeks. Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings.  Agendas are available on our website and noticeboards approximately one week before each meeting.

The Council have appointed a lead consultant – an architect – to develop plans for the site.

In summary, the project will address the following:

  • Hook is a growing village and there is a requirement for additional sporting (and social) space to cater for that need
  • The pavilion and site is intended for multi-sport use, although rugby was decided as the “lead use” for the site when the developer required instruction for what type of pitches to construct
  • The selection of rugby as the lead use sport was decided following receipt of bids from interested local sports groups, openly discussed at the Full Council meeting on 8th January 2020. The minutes can be found here
  • The negotiated S106 Contribution of £250k will not enable any viable building and its associated services to be built on its own and therefore considerable additional funds will be required. The initial plans developed by the architect produced an estimated construction cost of c. £1.9million
  • The Council has reviewed its financial position and determined that funds can be borrowed from an existing reserve. The reserve can provide £1.9million and with defrayment over 30 years, would increase precept by £9.79 per year over that period
  • The Council fully intends to seek grant funding for the project in order to reduce that burden
  • In incorporating The Hook Shed as a separate building, mental health and loneliness issues in our village can be addressed

It has been agreed that correspondence received in relation to the pavilion project and responses, where provided, would be captured in a single place for residents to view. Please see below links to correspondence, listed by month. This list will be updated on a monthly basis.

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