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The Parish Council holds a number of different types of meetings throughout the year.  Some are legally required, whereas others are optional.  The public are able to attend meetings (except working groups, unless they are a member of that group).  Agendas are displayed on our website and noticeboards approx one week before the meeting.  Our meetings are now being held at Hook Community Centre, Ravenscroft, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9NN although please check the agenda for that meeting in case it has changed.  Our venues are accessible for wheelchair users.  There is ample disabled parking available onsite.

Parish Council and Committee Meetings

Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings of the Council and its Committees as observers.  There is a public speaking agenda item at the beginning of meetings, which is an opportunity for members of the public to speak on matters which affect the council.

  • Hook Parish Council meets on the first Wednesday of the month.  Committees meet monthly.
  • Planning and Infrastructure (P&I) Committee – 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.
  • Environment & Community (E&C) Committee – 3rd Wednesday of the month
  • Finance, Staff & Resources (FSR) Committee – meets 5 times a year.  If scheduled it will be on the 3rd Monday of the month
  • North East Hook Community Project (NEHCP) Committee – 2nd Monday of the month

There are no meetings in August except 1 P&I meeting.  Although each Committee has scheduled meetings, these meetings may be cancelled if there is a lack of business to discuss.  Cancellation notices will be issued and put on our noticeboards and website.

For more details, i.e calendar of meetings, attendance records, agendas, minutes and committee membership go to

What each of the committees deals with ?

Planning and Infrastructure (P&I) Committee

The P&I Committee acts on behalf of the Council in responding to planning applications as a Statutory Consultee. The Committee invites comments from
stakeholders and liaises closely with Councillors and Officers of both Hart District Council (HDC), the Local Planning Authority, and Hampshire County Council (HCC) to ensure that the views of the residents of Hook are taken into account when responding to planning applications or making representations in regard to any other proposals by these two Authorities.

The P&I Committee also addresses any infrastructure related matters in the Parish.  The committee also identifies any need for, and then promotes the provision of, new infrastructure, traffic orders and other transport related facilities for our community. The Committee is supported by the P&I Administrative Officer

Environment & Community (E&C) Committee

The E&C Committee focuses on maintaining and continually improving the wellbeing of the ever-growing village and its residents. The Committee works to continue providing and improving the range of services and facilities that benefit the diverse character of the village and its people. These include multiple children’s play areas, various sports pitches with more under development, the village cemetery, Bassetts Mead SANG and awarding grants for local projects and charities.  The Committee is supported by the E&C Administrative Officer

Finance, Staff & Resources (FSR) Committee

The FSR Committee functions include the consideration of new policies, developing strategy, monitoring of actions in support of the Corporate Plan, oversight of the Council’s budgets, accounts, investments and internal controls, along with the HR functions of the Council.  The Committee is supported by the Clerk to the Council

North East Hook Community Project (NEHCP) Committee

The NEHCPC was formed in late 2021 with the primary objective of providing appropriate oversight to the delivery of a pavilion and a shed facility at the Green Hart Park development in NE Hook, along the A30.  The Committee is supported by the Clerk to the Council

Other Meetings/Working Groups

Annual Village Meeting (AVM)

The Annual Village Meeting (AVM) is not a council meeting.  It is a meeting of the Parish electors which takes place annually between 1 March and 1 June.  Electors can contribute to the Agenda.  The meetings often celebrate local activities and debate current issues in the community.

It is an opportunity for members of the public to learn what activities the various Organisations in the village carry out during the year.  It is also an opportunity to raise any issues with the Parish Council and to meet other residents.  Only parishioners who are registered on the Electoral Roll can vote on any issues.  Other members of the public can attend and speak but they cannot vote.

For more details, see

Working Groups

These are not open to the public, although the public can be members of the Working Group.  Working Groups are established by the Council, when required, to undertake research and develop recommendations to Council on specific projects.  Membership can be both Councillors and external stakeholders (including residents).

Currently, we have one group:

Community Safety Working Group (CSWG)

The CSWG was established in September 2020 following a spate of criminal activities and antisocial behaviour.  In order to gauge the level of public concern and feelings about safety in Hook, a survey was delivered to all Hook households (paper form and online) in November 2020. This achieved an excellent response and the results were collated and analysed. The CSWG are assessing the next steps and have contacted residents who expressed an interest in being involved with the work of this group.