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Hook PC Supports a Small Roundabout at the Dorchester Arms

Hook Parish Council supports Small Roundabout Option at the Dorchester Arms

Around six hundred local residents visited the recent Hampshire County Council exhibition at Elizabeth Hall Hook and saw the outline plans for the four options being considered for this dangerous junction. Over four hundred people have returned questionnaires to Hampshire. Everyone who visited the exhibition felt that action was needed and the “Do Nothing” option received no support at all.

After a full discussion of the three remaining options Hook Parish Council decided to support the urgent installation of a small roundabout. Although the larger roundabout might be a more perfect solution Councillors were concerned that because common land would need to be acquired this solution would take much too long to implement and that further serious accidents would occur in the meantime. A roundabout solution would allow the approach roads to the junction to be narrowed which would make a further contribution to slowing traffic down

The Dorchester Arms is on a wide stretch of open road and Councillors are concerned that if lights were installed drivers seeing a green light would tend to speed up rather than slow down, particularly at off peak times. At peak times queues at the lights could encourage “rat running” down Newnham Road to avoid the lights altogether.

Hook Parish Council Planning Committee Chairman Antony Hunter said, “There have been many serious accidents at this junction over the years and radical improvement is urgently needed.”   Hook, Hartley Wintney and Rotherwick County Councillor Jonathan Glen commented, “I am glad that County funding has been secured to improve this dangerous junction and will continue to press for a speedy choice of solution and swift implementation”