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Aug 102017

There is a vacancy for a Parish Councillor.  Would you like to become a Parish Councillor ?  If you have a strong interest in your local community and would like to help shape the future of Hook and influence what residents’ money is spent on then this is the role for you.

The time required to carry out the role varies depending on individual interests and Committee involvement. Attending relevant meetings and actively responding to emails is essential. A commitment to attend training, support Council activities and events would also be expected. Meetings and community activities can take place during the day, evening or weekends.

Full Council meets monthly on a Wednesday evening.

There are three Committees:

  • Planning & Infrastructure (P&I) meets fortnightly
  • Environment & Community (E&C) meetings monthly
  • Finance, Strategy & Resources (FSR) meeting alternate months

To be considered to join the Council please write to the Executive Officer with a summary about yourself including:

  • how long you have lived or worked in Hook
  • your reasons for wishing to become a councillor
  • previous community involvement or council experience
  • any other skills you can bring to the Council
  • your interests and recent career history.

The closing date for applications is 15th September. Candidates will be invited to an informal information evening on 28th September to meet Councillors and the Executive Officer. Co-option will take place at the Parish Council meeting on 1st November 2017.

Please contact the Executive Officer, Anne Atkins, for more information or a chat about this rewarding role

Jul 042017

Annual Village Meeting

The Hook Village Annual Meeting was held on the 24th May, and more than 80 residents attended. A number of local groups displayed their group’s activities and how to get involved.

As a precursor to the evening, the Hart Draft Local Plan was on display and information on how this impacted on Hook. Also on display were concept designs for the refurbishment of the Wellworth Park Play Area.

The Hart Local Plan was the key focus of discussion. And this led to some lively exchanges with the District Councillors, who were there to answer residents’ concerns and questions.

The Neighbourhood Steering Group gave a very informative presentation, about the progress of the of the Neighbourhood Plan. If you would like to join the group, please contact them via their website or email:

The 2017 Hook Community Award was presented to Hook Christmas Cracker. It was accepted by Bernice Wall, David Grant and Mike Morris. The Christmas Cracker has gained in popularity and become a major community event in Hook. This year the event will take place on the 2nd December. If you would like to become involved please contact:

Councillor Vacancy

In June a Notice of Vacancy was published arising from the resignation of Lee Haddock. Lee was co-opted to the Council in November 2016, but has sadly had to step down due to other commitments. We would like to thank him for his time on the council and wish him well for the future.

At the time of writing, it is not known if Hart will receive the required number of letters calling for a formal ballot. If there are sufficient letter, a notice calling for nominations for candidates will be published in early July.   Otherwise, the Parish Council will need to fill the vacancy by co-option as soon as possible.   In either case, if you are interested in helping to shape the future of your local community and influence how residents’ money is spent, then please contact the Executive Officer to find out more about this rewarding role within our forward thinking team.

If the vacancy is to be filled by co-option, details of deadlines and how to apply will be published in August on our website and noticeboards and also in the September Focus.

Wellworth Park Play Area Refurbishment

Five different designs for the refurbishment of the Wellworth Park Play Area were displayed in the Community Centre foyer during May and June. The consultation has now closed and the comments will be considered by the Environment & Community Committee in order to formulate a final plan, that will go out to tender.

Health and Wellbeing event

The Health and Wellbeing event took place on the 20th May, with over 30 exhibitors several talks and demonstrations. Tesco provided fruit for the Smoothie Bike and savoury snacks in a pop-up refreshment Café. The Base organised activities for children, so adults could attend the talks or browse the exhibition. Over 50 residents and families attend during the course of the day. There was a good response to the free First aid and defibrillator training. Two defibrillators are publicly accessible: one at Grand Parade, by the Mosaic and the other is currently in the Parish Council office, but is due to be installed outside the Community Centre shortly.

Hart Local Plan

Over the past few weeks, Hart District Council (HDC) has been consulting with the community regarding the content of its draft Local Plan. The closing date for responses to this consultation has now passed and HDC are currently digesting the findings. Hart have stated that the publication of a Pre-Submission Document for comments will be made available in the Winter. Hook Parish Council has highlighted several points of objection and the formal response to the consultation can be found on its website at

Most recently, the Parish Council has been consulted by several developers with interests at Bartley House (Station Road), West of Hook (Owen’s Farm) and Winchfield sites. It is beneficial to all parties if the Parish Council is consulted on any further development in Hook at the earliest possible stage, as this enables the Council to represent the views of the community, whilst endeavouring to secure a favourable outcome where development happens. Planning applications outlining proposals for West of Hook and Winchfield are expected to be submitted to HDC in August and the public are encouraged to comment, via Hart’s website as these applications go live.

Website, Facebook, Social Media and Noticeboards

There are four Parish Council Noticeboards within Hook. These are regularly updated and are located at:

  • Hartletts Park (opposite the Community Centre)
  • Grand Parade Shops (next to Barista Coffee Shop)
  • Wellworth Park (at the entrance from A30)
  • Holt Park (on the main road in opposite Doctors Acre, next to the Bus Stop).

The Parish Council can be contacted via, phone, post, email, Facebook Messenger, or in person at our offices.

Jul 042017

Hart District Council are looking for an Electoral Records Officer. This role can be done alongside a full time job as it is mainly evenings and weekends. To apply on line, go to or email or telephone 01252 774077. Closing Date is the 14th August

Electoral Records Officer Advert

Jul 042017

South East Water starts it final phase of its work along Reading Road from 21 August 2017.

They will be holding a consultation event for Residents and Businesses to view and discuss the road closures with them between 4.15pm and 6.45pm on Wednesday 5 July 2017 at Heckfield Memorial Hall, Church Lane, Heckfield, RG27 0LG

Jul 042017

You may have seen in Hook Focus (on Page 9) that the developer for West of Hook has put together details of what they propose.  This is a pre – planning document as a full planning application has not yet been submitted.  We anticipate that they will do this in August.  Please keep checking the planning agenda to see when this comes up for discussion at the next Planning Meeting

These documents are just a proposal of what they plan to do and they are looking for feed back from local residents in regards to this.  We will be putting up the display information they have sent us in the Foyer of the Hook Community Centre.  Unfortunately, due to the size of the files, they have sent us we are unable to put this up on our website.  Therefore, to review the information that will be on our Display boards, please go to

If you would like to review the paper copies, please make an appointment to come into the Parish Council offices to do so.

Below is the one of the summary documents they have sent us.

Owens Farm Development – Armstrong Rigg

Jun 292017

TRL (the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory) are looking into road users’ perceptions and opinions of the current road works through the westbound M3 section between J3-4. Please see poster below to see if you can assist them. There is a chance to win £100 of Amazon vouchers.

Jun 222017

Land to the west of Hop Garden Road and to the north of Seton Drive, Hook.

The appeal is allowed and the planning permission Ref 16/02301/FUL for the erection of a block of 3no. stables to include a feed store and tack room and the change of use of the land to allow the keeping of horses at land to the west of Hop Garden Road and to the north of Seton Drive, Hook granted on 16 November 2016 by Hart District Council, is varied by deleting condition 7.

Please click link below for the full document

Hop Garden appeal decision (2)

Jun 212017


You will have received a leaflet through your door advising you of a consultation event that was held on Tuesday 2nd May from 2pm – 8pm. This was an event run by Hart District Council to discuss all aspects of the Hart Local Plan.

On Sunday 7th May, Hook Parish Council hosted a ‘drop – in’ at Elizabeth Hall to explain how the Hart Local Plan would affect Hook residents. This was well attended and it was great to see so many people taking an interest in how the village will grow over the coming years.

There are two further opportunities for you to see what the Hart Local Plan means for Hook residents.

  • The display boards from our ‘drop – in’ event can be viewed in the foyer of the Community Centre until the end of the Hart Local Plan consultation period on the 9th June.
  • Prior to the start of the Annual Village Meeting on Wednesday, 24th May at Hook Community Centre, our staff will be available to answer any questions between 7pm – 8:30pm (when the formal meeting starts). The Hook Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will be providing an update during the meeting.

Your response to the current draft Local Plan Consultation is essential, if you wish to share your views on the further development of Hook. Previous responses to earlier consultations will not be taken into account.

Please provide your comments via or by post to Hart District Council, Harlington Way, Fleet, GU51 4AW by 5pm on Friday, 9th June 2017, with a copy of your comments to Hook Parish Council (). Your comments will assist the Parish Council in forming its own response to Hart.

Our draft comments to Hart District Council will be published on our website on Thursday, 18th May; our final comments will be published on our website and submitted to Hart District Council on Thursday, 8th June. To assist resident in formulation their own response, the slides shown at the consultation and associated maps can be found on our website at:

Please note: Slide 3 of the 2017 Local Plan Consultation Information – final document summarises the Parish Council’s main concerns regarding the Local Plan.

Once adopted, this Plan will become Planning Policy until 2032.

All residents of Hook need to respond to the Local Plan consultation to have their views taken into account by Hart District Council. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your say now.


The Parish Council is organising external events in Hartletts Park for the Hook Village Show on Sunday, 10th September. If any local organisations would like a stall at the show, please email Cllr. Terrey via:  All show proceeds will be donated to Hook in Bloom.


With the lighter evenings, there has been a significant increase in complaints regarding dog fouling and littering in Hook, in particular at Bassetts Mead. Please keep this area pleasant for all who use it by picking up your litter and after your dog. Free Dog Poo bags are available from the Parish Council office weekdays from 9.00am –12 noon.

From Monday, 8th May, Hart District Council are having a crackdown on Litter and Dog Fouling, as part of their “stop it, don’t drop it” initiative. Litter Enforcement Officers will patrol the streets and open spaces within Hart and issue fines for anyone caught. There will be a £75 fine for littering (which includes cigarette butts and chewing gum) and £50 fine for dog fouling. The service is being provided by East Hampshire District Council and is self-funding. Please see link to Hart’s dedicated ‘stop it don’t drop it’ page for more information:


Thursday, 8th June – Hook Parish Councils final comments on the Local Plan available on our website.   Don’t forget to submit your responses to Hart District Council by 9th June.

Events at hook community centre:

 Hook Village Show – Sunday, 10th September 2017, 12 noon – 5.00pm



Jun 082017

The consultation period for Hart District Council’s draft Local Plan finishes tomorrow, at 5pm 9th June 2017. Hook Parish Council have submitted its formal response to the consultation which can be found via the link below. There is still time for residents to submit their views via the Hart’s website and the Parish Council would encourage all interested parties to do so as soon as possible.

HPC LP Consultation Response FINAL