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Jul 312020

Hart District Council are re-introducing car parking charges in all council owned car parks from THIS SATURDAY (1st August).

They are advising those who have a smartphone to download and use the MiPermit parking app to pay for parking to avoid touching the machines or handling cash

Jul 312020

We have updated the guidance posted on our play areas to advise against the consumption of food within them.  We have put this updated guidance on all of our play areas.  Please continue to adhere to them to ensure that the play areas continue to remain open.


Important COVID Information

Now the play areas are gradually re- open, please follow the guidelines on the posters in the play area, and encourage your children to do the same: 

  • Observe the recommended social distance – currently 1 metre minimum
  • The maximum safe number of users is shown on the gates & posters. Please only enter the play area if that number has not been reached
  • If the playground is busy, consider coming back later. Talk to your children about this possibility opening before visiting
  • Adhere to the number of children per piece of equipment
  • Wash your and your children’s hands before and after visiting
  • Take hand sanitiser with you and consider taking a bottle of water or wet wipes in case your children’s hands get covered in mud
  • Ensure your children are using hand sanitiser frequently
  • Please refrain from eating whilst in the play area
  • Please pass this information on to your friends

Follow and adhere to all current government advice in addition to the above guidance.

KEEPING THE PLAY AREAS OPEN – If Social Distancing is not observed the play areas may have to be closed again.  Please help us keep them open.


Poster detailing how to keep safe when using the play areas when they are re-opened

Jul 302020

The following link from the government details how to wear a face-covering since it became compulsory, (unless you are exempt), to wear one in enclosed public spaces and shops last week.  It also shows how to make your own face covering and templates to create an exemption card, that those exempt can show when challenged (both electronic and printable).

Jul 292020

Please see the below from our Local Beat Team’s Facebook page regarding reporting of incidents. By reporting incidents via 101 the local police have the evidence they need to in order confirm a need for patrols in that area. The reporting also allows them to identify times of day when incidents are occurring and target patrols accordingly.
Report online here or by dialling 101 on your phone. If there is a threat to life or if it is occurring now, please call 999.

“We have been reviewing some of our Facebook comments this morning and we have cross checked these against reported incidents on our system.

It has become clear that we are not receiving reports relating to incidents we are expected to have dealt with. We understand the frustrations behind the 101 system and the force are continually working to address these.

Please remember that 101 is one way of reporting incidents however, we now have an extensive online reporting facility. Please use this where possible and when your report is being made retrospectively or were you do not feel a deployment is required. You can report incidents here:

We are only able to deal with the incidents and concerns we are made aware of. As we are continually stating, Facebook is not a reporting tool and should not be used to report ANY incident or crime.

Crime and incidents are and will continue to be prioritised. We understand this can be frustrating when we are unable to attend an incident as a priority however, this is usually owing to us being deployed to a more serious incident where a life may be at risk.
We are only as efficient and proactive as you empower us to be. Please report your concerns in order that we can address and resolve them. Your quality of life is our priority and we will do all we can to ensure this remains as high as possible. #PCSONick”

Jul 292020

Yesterday, Hampshire County Council (HCC) revealed their plans following a survey on changes to the library service including proposals to close up to ten libraries.

They have now confirmed that eight libraries are due to close on 1st January 2021. Sadly, two of these are local (Odiham and South Ham) and will close unless local voluntary groups wish to turn them into Community Libraries (HCC will support those wishing to do so). Chineham has been spared albeit with reduced opening hours.

A second public consultation will be launched on 3 August 2020, to confirm the actual opening times at each of the councils forty libraries.

For more information on their decision please go to

Your nearest libraries (if Odiham and South Ham don’t become Community Libraries) will be :
Discovery Centre (Festival Place)

Hampshire will continue to provide their eBook, eAudiobook and eMagazine services via their BorrowBox and RBdigital UK apps.

Jul 222020

We are concerned about the lack of observance of social distancing rules in our play areas. Social Distancing is for your own protection. We don’t want to be the Fun Police, but if users ignore the measures we have put in place, we will have no choice and facilities will be CLOSED again.

Today we have been forced to close the Outdoor Gym due to the unauthorised removal of the measures put in place to stop more than one person using the equipment at a time. The tape used to indicate the equipment should not be used has been repeatedly removed.

Please spread the message not COVID!

Poster detailing how to keep safe when using the play areas

Jul 212020

Our Local libraries have reopened and they have advised that they have launched a new app called Spydus so you can check out and reserve books using your smartphone.

Once downloaded, you can also use the app to search their library catalogue, save searches, set up reading lists and get book recommendations. You can even scan ISBN codes on books when you’re out and about to see if there are copies available at your local library.

If you don’t want to go to the library they are still offering their Ready Reads, we select, you collect service, go to for more information or you can access eAudiobooks and eBooks via their BorrowBox app and magazines and newspapers via their RB Digital app.