Bassetts Mead


Bassetts Mead, an area of just over 10 hectares of open public open space, lies to the east of Holt Park.  It became a SANG in 2011 and is currently managed by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust  for recreation and biodiversity, on behalf of Hook Parish Council.

Bassetts Mead has the River Whitewater, a chalk stream, flowing along the eastern boundary.  The habitats on-site comprise grazing meadow and floodplain habitat along with ponds, mature trees and woodland and bankside vegetation.  The area is used by dog walkers and bird watchers alike and there is a circular walk around the site: Bassetts Mead Walk

  • Enjoying the smells in winter.

If you are interested in work carried out in Bassetts Mead during the last year, the quarterly reports from Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust are below:

Q1 Bassetts Mead report April – June 2019

Q4 Bassetts  Mead Report January – March 2019

Q3 Bassetts  Mead Report October – December 2018

Q2 Bassetts  Mead Report July – September 2018 

Whitewater Valley Preservation Society (WVPS) have worked with the Salmon and Trout Conservation UK and produced a report entitled  2017 Riverfly Survey of the River Whitewater.

WVPS 2017 Riverfly Survey final report