Parish Council Code of Conduct and Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests


As part of the statutory Code of Conduct, within 28 days of becoming a councillor, the councillor must disclose all pecuniary interests that might potentially prejudice their decision making.  The Register of individual Councillor interests are below.

Jeff Burke DPI 27th June 2019

Rob Cowell 20th November 2017

Paul Kinge DPI 16th May 2019

Fergus Kirkham DPI 3rd July 2019

Barry Myall DPI 9th May 2019

Jacqui Nabbs DPI 23rd May 2019

Verd Nabbs DPI 7th Nov 18

Chris Terrey DPI 11th Jan 2017

Liz Thomlinson DPI 13th May 2019

Jane Worlock DPI 10th May 2019

On election, all Councillors must also sign an undertaking to uphold the Parish Councils Code of Conduct.  The link to which can be found below.